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Dance Maynia!

During May we would like to encourage pupils to use Music and Dance as the theme of their Daily Boost/Mini Boost sessions.

There are so many benefits to dancing, it helps to improve Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing and is such a FUN way of being active!

This year a group of pupils at Thomas Estley Community College won a county wide competition to create a dance video exclusively for our Daily Boost registered schools and will be used as the warm up routine for the School Games Summer Festival on 24th June, 2022.

Why not learn this routine, send us a video of this or any dance routine of your choice so that your pupils could win the opportunity to attend this County Wide event and take part in the all new Dance Workshops.

We will be making a randomised selection of one video clip from each district, but every school can take part in the warm up routine virtually on the day which we hope this will be a great way to offer an inclusive opportunity for all.

Also, don't forget to track your Daily Boost minutes on our Daily Boost Tracker so that you can earn your Boost Bands!

Here is a quote from one of our participating pupils last year 😊

"I love the Daily Boost Dance Maynia! It's a great brain-break that doesn't involve thinking and is so much Fun!" Zach age 8

Competition Criteria

Why not spend May learning our Dance Maynia dance routine or creating your own dance routine in your Daily Boost sessions and log your minutes of activity to earn your Boost Bands!

If you would like to give your pupils the opportunity to showcase their talents, we would like to invite you to take part in our new Annual Daily Boost Dance Competition!

Our focus is on participation rather than performance, so anyone can get involved and just enjoy dancing for fun.

This year we are looking for a school to represent their district at the School Games Summer Festival - 24th June. A maximum of 12 pupils from each school's dance group will be able to take part in the opening ceremony warm up and then take part in our all new Dance workshops throughout the day.

Submit your entry to your SSPAN/SGO or directly to a.bird@active-together.org by 10th June deadline.

We will make a randomised selection and inform the selected schools by 17th June,2022

We will share the school entries on Twitter & the Daily Boost website to celebrate every pupils involvement.

Criteria for entry:

1. Daily Boost registered school – Its easy to join if you have not already https://www.dailyboost.org/dailyboostregister

2. The Dance group must be available to attend the School Games Summer Festival on 24th June

2. Inclusive, evoke the spirit of the School Games

3. Video submission to be approx. 2.5 minutes with permissions to appear on social media and the Daily Boost webpage

4. Music of your choice

5. Landscape format

We cannot wait to see a great variety of Fun, inclusive, entertaining entries, that celebrate the joy of dancing/movement to music!!

Thomas Estley's Dance Routine

This year a group of pupils at Thomas Estley Community College won a county wide competition to create a dance video exclusively for our Daily Boost registered schools and will be used as the warm up routine for the School Games Summer Festival on 24th June, 2022.

Below is the full routine and then we have filmed them teaching each segment for you to learn! There is also a pdf with each move written down and the number of times it is repeated.

Logging your Activity!

You can record your activity via the Scorecard(s) either as a whole class or an individual pupil.

Take part in a 5 minute 'Mini Boost' of activity and colour in one of the circles, OR take part in a 15 minute 'Boost' of activity and colour in 3.

Complete 250 minutes and receive a Boost Band for each participating pupil.

Everyone can have fun logging their activity by colouring in the circles.

Other methods of logging your activity are also available to ensure that you have some thing that works for you and your class. Click on the link below to find these resources.


We have been busy creating some dance themed resources for you to use during this challenge!

These include:

  • 5-minute Dance Video Combos - Anita has put together some Mini Boost dance routines, which you can do in the classroom as a brain break or as a wake up and shake up - you decide!
  • Cube Template - Cut this out and attach to some card and then write down some dance moves of your choice. Put the cube together and then throw like a dice to create your unique dance "Mini Boost "session.
  • Activity card - 'Create your own activity card'. Add your own dance moves onto each square, cut them out and pick some at random to create and achieve your own unique dance routine!

These resources & those from previous Challenges can be found below. You can also come up with your own ideas, we encourage student voice in our Daily Boost Programme so you are able to be creative.

Last Years Daily Boost Dance Routines!

Zoom's Recommendations:

As well as Daily Boost resources, Zoom has recommended some other dance favourites which you can try out during the Dance MAYnia Challenge, either in the classroom or at break times.

Click on each image to direct you through to using and exploring each resource.

Go Noodle Kids

Go Noodle Kids provides a huge range of engaging videos, perfect for burning off some energy in between lessons or at break time.

Just Dance Youtube

Just Dance has lots of engaging top hit music videos for you to follow along with and earn points. Try some out or use the music to make up your own!

Jump Start Jonny

Jump Start Jonny has some free videos which combine fitness with dance and they are the perfect length to create Mini Boost sessions throughout the day.

Challenge Finale

At the end of the Challenge, submit your School's involvement through either:

  • Hard-copy wallchart - send it to us at the address below
  • Digital wallchart - email this to Anita at the address below
  • Scorecards - scan/photograph and email your completed scorecards to Anita at the email address below or gather them together and post them to Anita at the address below.

*Each completed scorecard is deemed to be equal to 17 Daily Boost sessions.*

You can then present your pupils with the Daily Boost Challenge certificate attached and we will send you your Boost Bands!

The Daily Boost Tracker will then be updated and we'll announce how everyone get's on once the Challenge has finished!

Boost Bands!

For more information please contact:

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Anita Bird

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Please note that I work part-time, Monday-Thursday.

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