Daily Boost Challenges

Information regarding Daily Boost Challenges will be added here throughout the 2022/23 school year, so make sure to keep an eye out and get invovled!

Logging your Activity!

You can record your activity via the Scorecard(s) either as a whole class or an individual pupil.

Take part in a 5 minute 'Mini Boost' of activity and colour in one of the circles, OR take part in a 15 minute 'Boost' of activity and colour in 3.

Complete 250 minutes and receive a Boost Band for each participating pupil.

Everyone can have fun logging their activity by colouring in the circles.

Other methods of logging your activity are also available to ensure that you have some thing that works for you and your class. Click on the link below to find these resources.

Skip Into Spring Challenge!!!

Spring is on its way and so is our Daily Boost Skip into Spring Challenge, starting on the 1st of February and running until the 3rd of March. Why not use skipping as your theme for getting active and earning your boost bands!

Skipping is a great way to get ALL your pupils moving this spring. You can use our exclusive Skip into Spring resources to inspire your Daily Boost sessions or encourage your pupils to come up with their own FUN ideas.

Don't forget your Daily Boost activities can take part at ANY time of the day, on the way to school, wake and shake, lunchtimes, in the classroom, the choice is yours.

You can take part in short bursts of activity to break up the lesson/day =3 x 5 minutes Mini Boosts or 15 minutes Daily Boost to suit you and your class.

Complete 250 Minutes of activity during the challenge and claim your Daily Boost Bands to reward all your pupils that have taken part!

Spring is on its way and so is our Skip Into Spring Daily Boost Challenge!

Why not use skipping as your theme for getting active and earning your boost bands. Keep your eyes peeled for further information coming soon about this new exciting challenge👀😍

Skip into Spring Resources

Skip Into Spring Activity Sheet

Skip Into Spring - Song Sheet

Challenge Videos

Bronze, Silver and Gold Videos

Full Skipping Routine!


There are lots of other ideas to be found in our Boost resources also.

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