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We love to hear your stories on how the Daily Boost is working in your School, what you do for your Boosts and how it's benefitting your School and pupils. If you want to share your story, please contact Anita Bird at the contact details below.

Tom Dandolo (All Saints CofE Primary) said:

"The children and staff have been fully engaged and loving the Daily Boost. Every single class in our school does an absolute minimum of 15 minutes a day - lots do more.

Our children do a range of things from 15 minutes of GoNoodle, yoga, fitness or a daily mile. Our school is passionate about becoming an Active School and the Daily Boost is a huge aspect of this.

My children in class Elmer (Year 1/2) come in every morning and start their day with a Daily Boost - they all chant "All active so we're ready to learn!".

Dance MAYnia Challenge Winners

Badgerbrook Primary School

Badgerbrook Primary School registered with the Daily Boost in March 2021 and have really got involved with the latest Dance MAYnia Challenge. They have won the prize for adding data to the Daily Boost tracker and it has been great to see that for Summer Term 1 over 378 Boosts were achieved by the school, equating to almost 9 days of activity per pupil!

Here's more on their story so far...

What motivated you to get involved with Daily Boost? "We attended Health & Wellbeing training for the school and through this we were signposted to the Daily Boost programme and it has been great to get involved with."

What Daily Boost activity do you do? "We make sure to do a variety of activity and over the latest challenge have really enjoyed learning hip hop and lots more. We really encourage student voice, so a big variety of activity is done on a regular basis."

Do you use any Daily Boost resources? "To monitor Daily Boost activity we use the classroom wallcharts as we find these nice and easy to use and we have also loved making use of the Challenges page on the website for extra inspiration during the challenges."

Top tips for any other schools looking to get involved? "Mix it up! Some days we can fit 15 minutes in, other days we break up the work with 5 minute mini boosts. The children love their brain breaks and soon find their favourite activities which they love repeating!"

What are your future plans? "We definitely plan to continue with the Daily Boost and link it in with other programmes as it works well for this. As much as their is a priority on getting children caught up academically, health and wellbeing is massively important so will continue to champion this."

KS2 Teacher Quote: "We love the Daily Boost - it's much more beneficial then cramming in extra academic work. The children are refreshed and revived!"

June 2021

Congerstone Primary School

Congerstone Primary School registered to the Daily Boost during our latest Dance MAYnia Challenge, so are one of the newest schools to the programme! They were motivated to get involved with Daily Boost and the dance challenge because it is sociable, fun and works nicely in the school and classroom environment.

Read more of their story here...

When do you do Daily Boost? "We tend to do our sessions during lunchtime as we find this the easiest for both staff and children. We are yet to try the 'mini boosts' on offer but don't want to put staff under too much pressure so will look to do this in the future."

Did you monitor any activity? "Currently we do not use any of the Daily Boost monitoring tools, however Anita has introduced us to them and we may look to use these in the future."

What are your future plans with Daily Boost? "We would like to have the school calendar of Daily Boost events so that we can forward plan for the next academic year and ensure we can get thoroughly involved in the challenges and general boost activity."

Teacher: "The children love to be active and love skipping and dancing. The challenge created a positive, happy atmosphere after being drained and fed up with the current Covid situation!"

June 2021

Orchard Community Primary School

Orchard Community Primary School have been part of the Daily Boost programme since June 2019 and have loved getting involved in all of the new challenges the programme has introduced over the past year, with 439 pupils taking part!

Here's their story...

What Daily Boost Activity do you do? "Currently the teachers deliver the Daily Boost programme within the classroom environment and our lunchtime supervisors get involved with leading 'happy playtimes' for the pupils."

How do you monitor Daily Boost Activity? "We have been using the scorecards during the challenges, which has been great because every child is able to have the opportunity to colour in the form and take ownership over their activity levels. It's also very easy to use as a monitoring method."

School Quote: "The children have really enjoyed the Dance MAYnia Challenge this term. As a school we have particularly enjoyed trying to incorporate it into the Paralympic challenges from LRS!"

Any top tips for other schools wanting to get involved? "Make sure you do this as a whole class so that you achieve 100% participation and keep it fun to engage every pupil."

Future Plans? "It would be great to have Daily Boost ambassadors in the school who can take ownership over some of the sessions."

June 2021

Spring Challenge Winners

Thythorn Field Community Primary School

Thythorn Field Primary School have been a part of the Daily Boost programme since December 2018 and have really got involved with our most recent 'Skip Into Spring' Challenge to teach the children new skills and each pupil has managed to do activity which equates to 3 days & 15 mins of activity!

Here's their story so far...

How did you find the most recent DB Challenge? "We loved the skipping challenge as it brought the whole school together and a new staff member was able to teach old skipping rhymes, which the children really enjoyed!"

How do you monitor Daily Boost activity? "For the challenge we used the dedicated scorecards, which we found very easy to use and at the end we just posted them to Anita at LRS to update on the tracker. We have also used classroom wallcharts, but may look into using the digital one for the future - so a bit of everything."

What activity do you do? "We were previously involved in the Daily Mile, which our Year 6 children still do, however we use a variety of resources and get support from our local School Sport lead to do a variety of activities and then the challenge inspired us to really get into skipping"

Any top tips for other schools looking to get involved? "Plan out your sessions at the start of the week and share the expectation with the children. Also make sure to integrate as teachers and get involved with them to help understanding as well as showing your value and enjoyment in physical activity too!"

Teacher: "The Daily Boost 'Skip Into Spring' Challenge reconnected the school as a community and gave the children an opportunity to have a boost to help with their learning. We really saw the impact of doing this with regards to the behaviour of pupils overall."

April 2021

Stonebow Primary School

Stonebow Primary School have been part of the Daily Boost programme since Summer 2019 and have every year group participating. Despite the challenges school's have faced this past year, Stonebow have uploaded data for every term and have currently achieved over 672 Boost sessions!

Read more of their story here...

What are your Daily Boost sessions like? "We have embedded Daily Boost activity into school sessions, so every class does at least 3 x sessions a week. Our sports leaders deliver creative sessions and we occasionally use the website and Challenges for inspiration - this half term we used skipping ropes more than we would have due to the Skipping Challenge."

How do you monitor activity? "We use the classroom wallcharts to monitor Daily Boost activity. At first we were a bit unsure if we were monitoring correctly, however after some time and with the help of Anita at LRS we now have no problems and it is a great way to keep track."

Any top tips for another school looking to get involved? "Encourage help from the children to deliver DB sessions, using their ideas and the help of the sports leaders, as this is more motivating and fun from their point of view. Also, greater inspiration from sports leaders positively influences the children's engagement."

Teacher: "We love the fact that the less active pupils get involved and experience the benefits of physical activity, therefore the programme isn't just geared towards already active kids."

April 2021

Riverside Community Primary School

Riverside Community Primary School originally signed-up to the Daily Boost back in 2018, however have since re-signed up in 2020 after being inspired by the launch of our new Challenges! They are one of our four lucky Spring Challenge winners, securing a £50 sport equipment voucher for their school!

Hear some more of their story...

How did you get involved? "We received a promotional email from Anita at LRS which motivated our school to get involved with the Skip Into Spring Challenge and it has been great fun! Winning a prize is an added bonus too."

How do you monitor the Daily Boost? "We used the scorecards for this Challenge and we really enjoyed them as it meant the pupils could be independent in monitoring their own activity levels. As we continue with the Daily Boost we will be using the classroom wallcharts, a great way for everyone to see how we are doing."

Have you seen any benefits from doing Daily Boost? "It has been a great way to engage children in positive physical activity and this encouragement of participation has shown an improvement in health and wellbeing."

What advice would you share with another school? "The Daily Boost is engaging and allows flexibility and independence for all children taking part. It allows a two way street - pupils get to be more active, whilst teachers have a brain break too, therefore it really does benefit everyone in school, so get involved!"

What are your future plans? "We definitely plan to continue doing the Daily Boost and look forward to hearing about Challenges ahead of time to get them officially embedded into the annual school plans!"

April 2021

Langmoor Primary School

Langmoor Primary School signed up to the Daily Boost in March 2021, during our Skip Into Spring Challenge, as they were intrigued by what the Daily Boost may have to offer to their school. Whilst they were not able to take part in the challenge due to time pressures, it has been an opportunity to learn more about the Daily Boost and can see that this will be something that can be introduced in the new academic year.

Here is their story so far...

What are your future plans with Daily Boost? "After our consultation and welcome meeting with Anita at LRS, we have identified a number of opportunities, such as meaningful movement and structured playground activity, where Daily Boost could be introduced during the school day. We have found that after lockdown the children struggle to get through 2 hour blocks of learning, therefore we have introduced 10 minute daily play breaks , to allow routine cleaning down and gives both the children and teachers the opportunity to reenergise. Simply by extending them to 15 minutes will ensure we are doing our Daily Boosts :-)

How can we at the Daily Boost aid and assist your school? "Staying in touch and supporting us where and when needed to implement the Daily Boost into our school routine would be appreciated as well as providing resource."

Head Teacher: "Now I understand how we can use the DB in our school, and how it will benefit our pupils to overcome their current challenges, we will definitely be able to introduce in the new academic year."

Annual Award Winners 2019/20

Knighton Mead Academy

Knighton Mead Academy signed-up to the Daily Boost in April 2019 and haven't looked back! They have over 87% of pupils taking part and in 2019/20 won the 'Highest Total Time' Award with an amazing 5011 days, 1 hour and 15 minutes of Boost activity!

Here's their story...

Why Daily Boost? "We had previously taken part in the Daily Mile but pupils had lost interest so we wanted something that had more variety and we have limited space in school so if the weather was bad, we didn't have an alternative."

What benefits has your school experienced? "We have seen a great improvement in health and wellbeing, the pupils demonstrate a good understanding of wellbeing, sharing, teamwork, the importance of looking after themselves and the ethos behind it.

We have seen improved confidence, the pupils trying new skills without any feelings of judgement i.e. boys skipping and hula hooping and really enjoying it."

What has worked well? "Key Stage 1 has a daily afternoon timeslot and Key Stage 2 a morning timeslot within which they will take part in a Daily Boost session. The collaboration with staff, TA's to ensure equipment is set up and prioritising the importance of these activities. Each class can do an activity that suits them, the variety is giving the teachers and their pupils flexibility."

Why should other Schools get involved in the Daily Boost? "It offers flexibility and variety to suit each class and the pupils love it and offers a perfect brain break for pupils, It's easy to set-up and we received good support from Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport to get started."

Head Teacher: "The Daily Boost gives children the opportunity to use a range of character muscles which we value highly at Knighton Mead. It also ensures that children of all ages are exposed to a wide range of physical activity, using lots of different equipment, which they often then apply during free time. We have seen a noticeable increase in pupils independently engaging with activities as well as a raised focus in lessons."

Pupils: "I think it's really good and helps you get ready for the next lesson." "I really like Daily Boost because it gets us ready for the day."

Ab Kettleby School

Ab Kettleby School joined the Daily Boost in 2018 and have had 100% school participation in the programme! During 2019/20 each pupil averaged 45 days, 7 hours and 18 minutes of boost activity which resulted in them winning the 'Highest Average Minutes Per Pupil' Award!

Have a read of their story...

Why Daily Boost? "We had previously taken part in the Golden Mile but we wanted to have a more sustainable offer, which also offered more variety to our pupils."

How did you get involved? "It was easy to get involved, and we have been supported by Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport staff, who have provided IT support where needed, pupil workshops, presentation assemblies."

What benefits has your School experienced?" We have observed the increased fitness in our children, particularly the pupils that traditionally may not have got involved with sport."

What has worked well? "Our Daily Boost activity is timetabled involving the whole school which has made it easier to monitor. We have had full support from our Head teacher and other staff members. The children enjoy being able to do a variety of activities which has kept them motivated."

What advice would you share with other schools? "The programme is easy to get involved with, the children have really enjoyed the activities and we received good support from Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport."

Head Teacher: "We have seen better behaviour for learning in class, increased understanding of social and wellbeing issues, and improve resilience in our pupils. Physical activity benefits have paid off with attainment in school."

Pupils: "When is Zoom coming again". "I get out in the fresh air and am feeling healthier"

Fernvale Primary School

Fernvale Primary School have managed to involve 86% of their School in the Daily Boost during 2019/20 which involved 488 Boost sessions!

Here's their story so far...

How did you get involved? "We arranged a staff workshop with Anita from Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport in which all staff attended to understand the programme. Supported by our Head Teacher, we involved the Student Council to identify what pupils would like to do. With support from Jenny Booth our PE Teacher, staff decided what they were able to deliver and a good collaborative approach got us underway."

What benefits has your School experienced? "We have seen increased enthusiasm, improved physical stamina in a good number of pupils and they have been re-energised, particularly in the afternoons."

Have the Boost Resources worked for you? "Yes, we have used the certificates for the pupils and they enjoyed receiving the Boost bands and in particular the visit from Zoom! We have also used ideas from the website for our activities."

Somerby Primary School

Somerby Primary School joined the Daily Boost back in 2018 and have 100% school participation. This helps them win 'Highest Percentage of School Participation' in the 2019/20 Awards!

Here's their story...

What benefits has your school experienced? We have observed the increased fitness in our children, particularly the pupils that traditionally may not have got involved in sport/activity.

What has worked well? Our Daily Boost activity is timetabled 3 times per week involving the whole school. We have had full support from our Headteacher and other staff members. The children enjoy being able to do a variety of activities which has kept them motivated.

Have the resources been fit for purpose? The pupils enjoy receiving their certificates and the boost bands. They really enjoy taking part and look forward to visits from Zoom the Daily Boost Mascot!

What advice would you share with other schools? "Give it a go! There are plenty of resources available and there is always someone available from Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport to help with the setting up and general advice and support" PE Co-Ordinator

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